Benefits of chanting OM (AUM) Mantra

The single word  “OM” produces the sound and vibration which allows you to feel at one with the nature. There are countless benefits of  the OM  Mantra chanting.  Some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. It removes all negative things from your body and mind.
  2. It makes you calm and cheerful.
  3. It cleans your aura.
  4. It increases self-confidence and will power.
  5. It develops angelic qualities i.e. compassion, truth, love, purity, fearlessness, patience, courage, honesty etc.
  6. It makes your personality very impressive. Your intuition power increases.
  7. It sharpens your mind.
  8. It makes you more energetic.
  9. You get sound sleep and helps to cure insomnia
  10. It increases your concentration.
  11. It controls your lust, anger and greed.
  12. You never feels alone. God becomes your close friend.
  13. It fulfills all your wishes.
  14. It removes toxin from your body.
  15. OM chanting gives strength to your vocal cords and muscles around it
  16. It controls your blood pressure, and your heart will beat with regular rhythm.
  17. It reduces stress.
  18. It improve your endorphins level which improve your mood and feel refreshed and relaxed.
  19. Improve emotional stability.
  20. Develops stable and balanced personality.

Wonders of OM chanting cannot be described in words. Imagine if you discover the light within yourself, how powerful you would become.  In short, OM chanting makes you Happy, Healthy and Blissful.